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Look great, Feel in control and Be active as you age. We share tips and real life experience to stay healthy.

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Look Great

Looking Healthy, if you're not living a healthy life then this will be hard. With our Personal Care, we all use various products and providers to help us look great. Our experts discuss the Pro's and Con's of the products we use and help you decides what's best for you.

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Feel in Control

The term Wellness is used as a bit of a catch all. When you feel out of control we tend to think of mental health. We are using this category for all of the things that we feel and think and how we can maintain a healthy mind. This category covers things like meditation, yoga and conditions that affect the mind.

Be healthy when you're over 40

Be Active

Physical Fitness and Exercise are a part of normal healthy life, just as is what we put into our bodies to fuel it every day. We discuss the different options and habits you can adopt to be healthy. 

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At 60 I realised that it wasn't as easy to keep fit as it used to be. My kids were constantly telling me I was out of shape. I thought I could just get back into shape with a little bit of exercise, the same as I always did. Hmmmm, I'm not as flexible as I used to be and things creak and crack. Reading the content on this website really helps.

Barry Jacobs

Personal Care

Look Healthy - Personal Care


Feel Healthy - Wellness

Fitness and Exercise

Be Healthy - Fitness and Exercise

About Ariel Summers

As a daughter to parents getting older and herself now getting more to occupy her time she has become more aware of the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This has led to the creation of LookFeelBeHealthy.com where expert advice is sort and there findings published to help you become more informed in the hope that you too can live a healthier life.

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Being healthy is not only about eating well and exercising, but also how you feel, think and look. There are some great articles here to help.

Jane Paroz

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